3 Reasons to Get a Running Coach

I trained for both my half marathon races without the help of a coach. Just a simple training schedule I found on the internet and did my best to follow.

But this time around, I’ve decided I need a little more help. Initially, I was hoping to run the National Marathon with Bill at the end of March. But after the baby was born (my 4th), I realized that it was going to be much more than I could commit to doing at this time.

Then I remembered Bill mentioning that his running partner, @MCMMAMA, just became a running coach. And I figured what a better time to enlist her services so that I might still be able to run the National Half Marathon.

And with a new baby and a breastfeeding one at that, I knew that just following any old training plan probably wouldn’t cut it. Plus, she’s a mom herself, and is already very focused on making sure I’m taking care of myself, my baby, and my milk supply.

And while the cost varies based on what you need her for, it’s less than a fancy pair of running pants.

So if you’re wondering if a running coach might be right for you, here are three reasons to get the extra help:

1. Customized program: My coach did an assessment of my current training, goals, and personal stats, and then provided me with a carefully customized plan.

2. Support: As part of the training, she’ll check in with me via email a couple of times a week. I’m also able to check in with her, ask questions, and get help when I need it.

3. Cheering Squad: Even though I’ve just started, she’s already cheered for my 4 mile run on Twitter, and I get the sense there will be more of that to come. And what’s great is I can talk running geekery with her; I don’t really have too many friends that run, so it’s nice to be able to chat about gear and all that good stuff.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes!

MCM Mama offered me a discount on her services in exchange for me sharing honestly about my experiences as her client. You don’t have to live in her town to be coached. We’ll be doing everything via the magical internet!

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  1. February 2, 2011 at 12:09 am

    All important reasons to get a coach. Three more:

    1) A good coach should design a running-specific strengthening program that targets the weak links in your biomechanical chain to make you more injury-proof.

    2) A good coach will sometimes make you do workouts you don’t want to do so that you can become the runner you want to be.

    3) A good coach believes in you (even when you don’t) and knows how to bring out the best on you.

    Elite athletes know they can’t reach their true potential without coaching. You may not be an elite runner, but why shouldn’t you also benefit from coaching so you can run your best?

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